Hi – Hallå – Moin Moin,

I'm Victoria, a Stockholm based designer, maker of stuff and explorer of lightning, technology and art.

Tackling problems and embracing change by re-framing the status quo, is my approach of
high-quality and meaningful human centered design concepts for all channels and spaces.
I believe strongly in the power of teamwork and communication, like to contribute with positivity, enthusiasm, curiosity and a let's do it attitude.

Coming from Hamburg, one of Germany's biggest cities, I like getting lost in the Swedish woods,
learning the drums like nobody is listening and stretching my fingers with some sign language alphabet. 
The Swedish amount of coffee per day got already adapted – so, what about having one?

For project collaborations or just to say hi, send me some words and I'll send you some back :)

Freelance – remote
Designer (Artist residence) – Svartljus, Stockholm

2018 – 2019
Graphic Designer – Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm
2018 – 2019
Designer   Eco by Naty, Stockholm

2018 – 2019
Art Director & Graphic Designer   Freelance, Hamburg

2015 – 2016
Art Director & Graphic Designer   Freunde des Hauses, Hamburg

2014 – 2015
Graphic Designer (Internship)   Phillip & Keuntje, Hamburg

2019 – 2020
Motion Creative – Hyper Island, Stockholm

Circular Economy   Coursera, Lund University

2011 – 2014
Communication Design & Art Direction HAK, Hamburg


"Text Type Light" – Nobel Week Lights, Stockholm  

"Making Women Visible" – Nobel Week Lights & Swedish Parlament, Stockholm  
Clients I've had the pleasure of working with...
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