By being humorous and cheeky, we want to show how women tackle all types of difficult situations
without feeling defeated. We created relatable scenarios where confidence outshines embarrassment.
The audience can recognize themselves in these strong female characters, wearing Understatement.

In two weeks a team of 11 Motion Creatives came together as a little studio to create 3 x 15 seconds animation videos for Understatements social media channels. The process included the whole animation pipline like ideation, character development, music production, storyboards, styleframes and animatics. Hands Up for a fantastic team!

Sunakshi Puri
Sokratis Papageorgio & Milena Chinchollo
Art Director
Victoria Albrecht and Dimi Kyryliuk

Animation Director
Felica Püschl

Character Design
Sunakshi Puri, Tove Rogstad and Cristoffer Alund

Sound Design
Jakob Stenhart

Sunakshi Puri, Sokratis Papageorgio, Felica Püschl, Victoria Albrecht, Dimi Kyryliuk,
Tove Rogstad, Cristoffer Alund, Jakob Stenhart, Elena Kindy and Nick Bauer


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