Varde Ljus = There will be light = Es werde Licht
is an interactive light installation that took place at Markuskyrkan, Björkhagen/ Stockholm. 
Created for children, parents and other adults to play around, explore and create their own
experience based on animation, pictures and sound.​​​​​​​
UI designed in Touch OSC which is connected to actions and effects in
Resolume Arena to simplify the users journey. The visitor can click through different pages to create their own visuell set by using settings for each topic.
And of course there is a reset button to start from the beginning. 
Resolume Arena is a live VJ tool which mostly find its use in clubs, concerts,
streams or live events.
In combination with Touch OSC and Resolume visitors can take a tablet and play
around with the interface to have an immediately effect on the output on the curved wall
of the room. They're becoming a creator of their own experience.

The shape of the room gives the visitors an even more immersive experience while playing,
creating and sharing with others.
The output is connected to still images, animations and sounds which are
editable and adaptable. Below you see an example of how you can change simple shapes to a more visually complex animation by using the designed interface. 
A project in collaboration with

Jonas Johansson
& Victoria Albrecht


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