The artist duo blobbobladh is an interdisciplinary conversation starter based in Stockholm, consisting of animator Yuvia Maini and curator Elsa Bladh. Working to combine alternating thoughts and blurring the lines between words and visuals.

In the interactive exhibition REEL LIFE participants are playfully invited to explore the blurred borders between viritual and physical. The exhibition has multiple entrypoints and uses art, AR, and interactive animations to encourage a critical conversation about digital stimulation, viritual fenonemas and what happens when what´s real becomes reel. The concept sprung from thoughts by South Korean philosopher 
Byung-Chul Han´s, reached over a 100 visitors at the pop up- exhibition at  Slakthusateljeerna.

You will be able to visit Reel Life again at Konsthall C 30/9-10/10.
Yuvia Maini: Artist, painter, animator & coder
Elsa Bladh: Curator & Text
A project by

Yuvia Maini
Elsa Bladh
Victoria Albrecht


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