In the beginning of COVID-19 the idea came up to connect and inspire people to come together by collaboration in the empty streets of Stockholm city. With an open call illustrators, writers, designers, musicians and creative minds got connected with a place of their choice to voice themselves and
explore new opportunities in uncertain times.

A custom made LED stick, a Rasberry Pi and a node based programming language visualizes light
to animated text.
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Build your own pixel stick :)

This project is inspired by Philippe Dubost's video light painting.

Text by John Tushar. Type by Stefan Hattenbach. (Music by Francesco Torelli.)

Shooting the the first TTL at Almhöjden (Skogskyrkogården), Stockholm.

Getting company from a curious stranger while shooting at Sergels Torg, Stockholm.

Text by Maria Niemi. Type by Stefan Hattenbach. (Music by Maximilian Karlander.)

Text & Type by Pompe Hedengren. (Music by Francesco Torelli.)

The process started with looking at all components we might need based on the product "the pixel stick".
After that it was time for building, testing, adjusting and starting over the same cycle again. Learning and
adjusting have been an important part through the whole project, which made learnings on the way inevitable. 

A few prototypes later, the DIY pixel stick was born! At this point of the project, the decision was made to go rather with a functional and user-friendly version than a design focused tool.
Creative Process
Testing different fonts in different light environments as well as walking speed, directions and handling different file formats. To make the light visible Premiere Pro and TouchDesigner are the way to go.
A Svartljus project by

Jonas Johansson
Victoria Albrecht


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