Facts you're facing as a women in Sweden:

💥31 % lower pension
💥47 minutes of unpaid time each workday
💥9,8 % less in salary
💥44.000 SEK less yearly
💥Patience. It seems you’ll have to wait until 2043 for equal pay.

Lön Hela Dagen (Pay all day) campaign is an initiative in Sweden that gathers members and 40 organisations from different political arenas to fight for equal pay. By translating the gender-pay-gap
into the time that women stop being paid (while men are paid for their whole working day 8-17),
they stress the absurdity of the inequality.

Me and blobb.tv had the honor of translating 2022 time (16:13) into a digital campaign.
Together we created an AR-filter where you can interact with the salary difference, learn more
and share your support for equal pay.

You are all very welcome to visit the AR-filter @lonheladagen, learn more about the facts above
and share your support by taking a selfie! #LÖNHELADAGEN ✊❤️

Sources: Pensionsmyndigheten, Medlingsinstitutetet, Lönheladagen, SCB

Try it yourself by scanning the QR-Code!

Concept & Design 
Yuvia Maini & Victoria Albrecht
Video & Animation 
Yuvia Maini & Victoria Albrecht

Yuvia Maini

Lön Hela Dagen

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