2120: After a century of non-existing environment called "nature" a once in a life time experience is presented. Nature is back – Experience a real moment of nature.

An installation as part of "The Gltch" - an immersive exhibition created by Motion Creative and Content Developer students at Hyper Island, Stockholm in december 2019.
"You need to create and build emotive, purposeful and thought-provoking Immersive Experience journey using inventive intentions (tech or analogue) and performative storytelling, aimed to re-inspire, reform and re-ignite humanity. Your aim is to let visitors that enter your experience, to walk away with a valuable lesson or reminder of how fragile and impermanent life can be, and what humans can/should do about it."
My tasks in the team …
Project Mangament
Concept Development
Art Direction & Motion Design
Implementation at the venue
Storytelling by acting during exhibition day
Documenting the installation
Behind the scenes
Teaser for the event
Concept & Creative Production for The Gltch
Klara Lindholm
Art Direction, Concept & Economy
Signe Edström
Video Editor, Sound Design, Concept & Tech
Mathias Hansson

3D Art, Animation &Concept
Klas Hägerstrand

Art Direction, Concept & Project Management
Victoria Albrecht

Photo & Video "Nature is Back"
Victoria Albrecht

Video "The Gltch"
Tove Rogstad

Motion Design "The Gltch"
Anders Waltz Hegelund


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